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A quick file and polish service does not exist in my nail universe! Perfect preparation is the key to a long lasting, flawless looking manicure.

If you want a slap-dash in and out the door in 30 minutes I am not the nail tech for you girl!



Gel Polish Manicure / £25

Prep. Shape. Base. Polish. Oil



BIAB Overlay Gel Manicure / Infill / £30

Prep. Shape. Strength. Polish. Oil



Gel Polish Toes / £27

Prep. Shape. Polish. Oil



Gel Polish Pedicure / £37

Prep. Shape. Soak. Exfoliating Scrub. Massage. Polish. Oil



Sculpted Gel Extensions / £40 / Infill  / £35

Prep. Sculpted Length. Shape. Polish


Man-i-cure / £10

Mens manicure. Prep. Shape. Buff. Oil




Add – On


Nail Art Tier 1 /£4

(Glitter, Chrome, 1-2 nails basic art)

Nail Art Tier 2 /£8

(Tie-Dye, Opal, Flowers, Tortoise, Marble, Stars etc..)

Nail Art Tier 3 /£15

(Butterflies, Old English, Fine detailed designs)

French Finish / £5

Gel Removal / £10

Callus Removal / £8

Sculpted Nail repair / £3